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Pricing Structure


We provide a pay as you go, hourly Ad-hoc* service or you can purchase a retainer package of hours, to suit your individual or business needs. We use per-minute billing so you will only ever be charged for the time it takes to complete your work.


There's no paying for our tea breaks, toilet breaks, holiday or sick pay. No HR or recruitment headaches. No NI to pay ... plus we are tax refundable!


Pay as you go or

short to long term retainer packages, payable by direct debit/standing order on a monthly basis.


£28 per hour (Min 2 hours)
  • We can undertake your tasks on a PAYG basis. This is subject to a minimum of 2 hours work.
  • This is ideal for conference, trade show and event attendees.
  • Your work will be hand-delivered to you at your event or delivered back to your hotel reception.. (Harrogate HG1 ONLY)


£250 per Month
  • This is what we like to call our 'Taster Package'.
  • Perfect for new clients whether it be the first time you've used a virtual service or to get an idea of how we work.
  • It's also ideal for those who need just a few small tasks undertaking.


£500 per Month
  • This is ideal for anyone who requires a little helping hand with overdue administrative tasks that usually get put on the 'oh that can wait' pile.
  • Pass it over to us and let us take that stress away from you.
  • These hours can be spread over the month or can be used as a bulk time slot.


£750 per Month
  • Just like the 20-hour pack, but with that little extra time to add in any other tasks throughout the month.
  • Need those invoices chasing up? Or your receipts and expenses putting onto a spreadsheet or maybe you'd like to send out a mailshot?


£1000 per Month
  • This is ideal if you have the equivalent amount of work suitable for a part-time member of staff but you are not ready to commit to employ.
  • It can be spread out over the month (10 hours a week) or the hours can be used on demand.


POA per Month
  • 40+ hours per month - subject to consultation.
  • This is ideal is you require our services as a dedicated, private PA. You would be assigned your own personal PA who would work with you on a one to one basis.
  • We incorporate this package with our Administrative Consulting Service due to it's personal and dedicated 1-2-1 service.
  • Please contact us for a free consultation to give us an idea of your requirements to allow us to give you a more accurate price.